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Feb 6, 2013 1:00pm PST
. i'm joined by my laughing colleague krystal ball who is the co-oes of "the cycle" here on msnbc. contributor jimmy williams. and also jonathan cape hart for the washington post. krystal, it's a big week for marco rubio. we just learned he's going to be delivering the republican response to the president's state of the union address. and he gave an interview last night to buzz feed which kind of made him sound relatively human for a republican. >> that sounds interesting. well, the response to the state of the union is actually a very tough gig. we'll remember when bobby jindal did it. >> that was terrible. >> really, i mean it was terrible for him. people still remember it. he's still really recovering in the national eye from that response. and it's a hard thing to do. if you're the president, you have all this pomp and circumstance. you have both chambers of congress. you have, you know, national audience. and then -- supreme court justices in front of you. exactly. and then you have to go after that. what's your setting? bob ji jindal chose to do it in something that looks li
Feb 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
. that does it for the cycle. martin bashir, it is all yours. >> thank you, krystal, and good afternoon. it's friday, february 8th. there's a blizzard slamming the northeast, a top spy getting hit hard, and karl rove singing for his supper. a busy friday indeed. ♪ >> people around here are bracing themselves. snow already starting to fall. >> this is a powerful storm. >> the largest blizzard in decades is poised to swallow the northeast. >> tough questions for cia director nominee john brennan. >> tough questions about drones. >> any american who joins al qaeda will know full well that they have joined an organization that is at war with the united states. >> targeted killing by the cia is not just something they're allowed to do quietly on their own. >> with the exception of mr. panetta, i feel i have been jerked around by every cia director. >> i love these groups that are criticizing us saying, well, they're fake conservatives. >> this newspaper article about karl rove's intentions is only serving to unite the tea party. >> you made some mistakes but everybody makes mistakes. >> su
Feb 12, 2013 6:00pm EST
presidency. let's bring in krystal ball and richard wolffe. thank you for coming on the show tonight. >> thanks for having us. >> what do you expect from the president's state of the union tonight? >> well, i think he is going to talk a lot about the economy as that excerpt indicated. he's going to focus on not just jobs but the jobs you can afford to support a family on. it also looks like judging by the fact that he's going to have the 102-year-old woman as you mentioned who waited in line for three hours to cast her ballot perhaps as a smaller mention in his speech. i'm hoping he will talk in specific language about election reform, about how we can avoid having long lines in the future. minorities waited on average almost twice as long as white voters to cast their ballots. >> and in florida it was the longest lines. >> longest lines in the country. >> and there were people like bishop curry. if they had not done that, i don't know we'd got the results like we did in florida. >> that's right. 200,000 voters in florida alone left the polls because they were frustrated over long li
Feb 1, 2013 1:00pm PST
krystal ball, also a co-host of "the cycle" looking so lovely in red. >>ened you a look nice in red. >> thank you so much. heart health. it's all about the heart. >> that's right. >> krystal. we're going to get to geraldo i promise but let's start with scott brown. >> if we must. >> so much speculation. he was the original tea party darling. he's apparently not headed back to washington. in a statement he released today, he says i was not at all certain that a third senate campaign in less than four years and the prospect of returning to a congress even more partisan than the one i left was really the best way for me to continue in public service at this time. and i know it's not the only way for me to advance the ideals and causes that matter most to me. that sounds like a run for governor, doesn't it? >> ding, ding, ding. >> absolutely. you could just shorten that to, you know, it doesn't sound like that much fun. and it doesn't. tough get elected now, have to run again. and it's a very difficult place to be a republican and be tied to the national party in the way that you are wh
Feb 8, 2013 4:00pm EST
. krystal ball is my colleague and the co-host of "the cycle" and jimmy williams is an msnbc contributor. thank you both for keeping my studio warm there in new york. >> happy to do it. kroo krystal, let me show you something. a new article in national review ha says karl rove's opposition to steve king's iowa senate bid has been the best thing that ever happened to mr. king. are we witnessing the final days of the reign of king karl over the republican party? >> well, i think we may be. the fact that his super pac in the last election in 2012 had a 1.29% return on investment has not made donors very happy. >> oh, come on. he only spend $300 million. >> i know. it's chump change really. i don't know what they're so upset about. but the other thing here for the candidates for candidates like steve king, and really for any candidate, show me the piece of mail or the television advertisement that says i am the choice of the establishment, that's why you should back me. and essentially that is what karl rove's impractice mature at this point means. yeah, especially in the republican party, e
Feb 5, 2013 6:00pm EST
i'm afraid we're still not speaking the same language. joining me now is krystal ball and abi huntsman. thank you both for coming on the show tonight. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> krystal, congressman cantor endorsed a path to citizenship today. but he's still against compromising on taxes and he still wants to gut entitlements. so is this change you can believe in? >> and we should point out, too, that he talked about pathway to citizenship just for the children of immigrants who came here who are undocumented. something that he voted against, by the way, in the dream act. you're absolutely right. basically what eric cantor did, is he hit on all the least controversial aspects of the republican party platform. things like education. things like flexible working hours, closing loopholes. things there's broad agreement on that democrats would agree with. that you pointed out the president would support and has talked about before. they want to sort of talk about those things and just sweep the rest of it under the rug. let's not talk about where we stand on entitlements. let's not talk a
Feb 22, 2013 4:00pm EST
florida's state motto. >> let's get right to our panel now. krystal ball is my colleague and the co-host of "the cycle" and lili gil valletta is founder of excel alliance. congratulations on your baby which you have just had. thank you for coming back and joining us. we were told that immigration was something that republicans and democrats could agree on after the election because of what happened at the election. enter the chair of the house judiciary committee who will have a good say on this and bob goodlatte says there's no need for a path to citizenship. >> now there is no need. we were just talking about it before the show. there is no clear path to citizenship, and the problem we have is that there are so many different versions of immigrants that we try to corner them all with one big label as if they're all one big issue that it's the same to be addressed in one way when it's not. the biggest issue here is we keep mixing and missing the point that there's an economic impact when we address immigration. you cannot ignore it because it is impacting the competitiveness of our
Feb 15, 2013 1:00pm PST
every step on the economic ladder. joining us are my colleagues toure and krystal ball, co-hosts of "the cycle" and jonathan capeha capehar capehart, an opinion writer for "the washington post." the president there was emphatic on the role of fathers. he spoke of the fact that it's not an achievement to prove that you're a man because you have the ability to conceive a child but the courage to raise one. have you ever heard him recently speaking in such a direct way about the responsibility of fatherhood? >> no, not quite like that. talked a little bit in a very personal way about family, wishing that he'd had a father, and recognizing the importance of having a father in the home who is a positive role model. a lot of black families, unfortunately, don't have that. and it's a very sort of black history month appropriate speech to me. it's about reminding young people and other americans but definitely black people but the role models we have, the historical figures we can think about were beautiful and brilliant and additive to america. >> and we can seek to emulate those figures.
Feb 26, 2013 1:00am EST
. joining me now are steve kornacki and krystal ball. >> thank you, ezra. >> steve, who are you wearing? >> sorry. >> this was a $12,000 sweater that nbc has generously provided. >> this is actually new, it was deemed unacceptable -- >> you do have a stylist. >> we're trying, we're trying. >> so to give you a real question here, steve, there is cognitive dissonance, people are -- they don't like government in theory, but they like it in practice. and this creates a certain amount of incoherence when we try to deal with the sequester. >> the only way i can put it, what is the overall top, the way they're dealing with congress. i think they tend to conflate the idea of the deficit as a problem with the idea of the economy as a problem. that is why as a coincidence, three times in the last 30 years, the deficit scored as the top priority. early '90s under bush, the start of the clinton presidency, and late 2008 to the president day, they have coincided with economic downturns. and there is a classic moment, i don't think it has been made enough of. bush, perot, clinton, in a town hall deba
Feb 13, 2013 1:00pm PST
guest now angela rye and i'm joined in studio by krystal ball. krystal, the one thing marco rubio probably wanted to avoid last night was any comparison with bobby jindal. but that didn't stop jindal from tweeting out his congratulations to senator rubio last night. heck of a job there, marco. but on the seismic scale of horrendous public speeches, where does mr. rubio's come? >> well, the big problem visually is he just didn't seem like he was ready for the big stage. he was sort of sweating. you could tell his mouth was dry. there was the awkward water grab. it's not so much the water itself, it's that he seemed nervous. he did not feel presidential. and i imagine someone like a chris christie who would have gotten up there and would have had that swagger, would have commanded the room. so i think that is unfortunately the lasting impression. and the other piece you pointed out, this is the man who is supposed to be the new face of the new republican party. and his personal story is very compelling. but the actual meat and substance of what he was saying is the same warmed over
Feb 6, 2013 4:30am EST
. -- virginia pothole crews on the beltway. >> and y krystal brown's probation could be revoked. >> and there's a family including sextuplets and two sets of twins and katie couric will try to babysit six little children in their terrible >> singer chris brown scheduled to appear in a los angeles courtroom today where his probation might be revoked. prosecutors have asked a judge to find him in violation. is community service record stemming from his 2009 assaults of rihanna contains several discrepancies. he not at the recorded location of his community service of relocations and instead performing or traveling. they want is community service case transferred from his home state of virginia to california. brown's attorney denies the allegations. >> most artists are used to seeing a bump in sales after performing the super bowl, but beyonce and destiny's child band mates are huge increase. >> sales rose by 600% while beyonce's personal sales jumped nine 230%. their brief for union on sunday also help the sales of their new compilation album. >> animal planet's the puppy bowl had 2.2 million vie
Feb 20, 2013 4:00pm EST
"washington post." here in new york, krystal ball and jonathan capehart. krystal, i have big news. there's a big name added to the list of personalities like jeb bush and wayne la pierre who will speak at this year's political action conference. we can tell you live now the great willard mitt romney is back. he will address -- in fact what will he be able to teach cpac about winning elections? >> actually if you took a course of what not to say and do, here's the example of what failed utterly this past year. don't do that. what that guy is saying, don't do that. but part of the problem with mitt romney, and i was thinking about this before this segment. what would an appropriate role for him be now? and the problem is that there's no issue that you can identify him with that you would say, you know, he's really passionate, though, about education reform or he's really passionate about this issue or that issue. >> stashing your money offshore? hiding your money in the cayman islands? tax avoidance, tax evasion. >> that would world cup. but there's no natural role for him because t
Feb 25, 2013 12:00pm PST
on both with? >> i'm krystal ball. there's a push to spend more. it's an effort to get the economy moving. figuratively and literally. >>> i know how obama can end all this washington gridlock. tell republicans that if they don't shape up, he'll send them in to the octagon! >> all of her body weight and power and leverage. >> no, no, no. >> problem solved! >>> we are t-minus four days and counting until $85 billion in cuts move from the federal budget, cuts the way a blind butcher would do it. washington still locked on the sequester standoff. some say it's like armageddon with the apocalypse on the doorstep and that is bad but critics say it's like chicken little. not that bad. either way, i'm sure someone somewhere is working on a countdown clock that we can debut before the end of the week. maybe some nice nbc animator. in washington, the house and senate finally back from a ten-day vacation and offering partisan plans to replace the cuts with zero chance of going anywhere. good job. here we're coming to terms with the reality that even if congress can strike a deal to stop the
Feb 28, 2013 12:00pm PST
? >> reporter: appreciate the final countdown music, krystal. any point tomorrow the president can sign the order and goes in to effect. press secretary jay carney indicated at the briefing that the president is, quote, ever hopeful. but as you have the private conversations with aides here at the white house, they make it very clear they're continuing to focus on the same priority which is to try to convince the american public that compromise, a balanced approach, is the way to go on this. hoping that the public ultimately will influence congress. congressional republicans to back down from their positions right now. you know, we do as we head in to tomorrow have been focusing on this is happening sort of like an overnight thing but the white house is almost backed off that language to some degree and just yesterday the president said last evening before an event with the business council, he said this is not a cliff but more like a tumble downward. the white house is anxious that many americans who do not see immediate impacts in the first few days or weeks may think this is muc
Feb 19, 2013 6:00pm EST
. that's right. republicans, the tea party is still sheriff in the gop. joining me now are krystal ball and angela rye. thank you both for coming on. >> thank you. >> they choke me up when i talk about the tea party. >> i feel you. >> but try as they might, republicans can't seem to escape the tea party's influence, can they? >> no. i mean, it's really interesting what's happening right now. and i think partly even though there is a sense among some of the what you would call more establishment republicans, that they've got to do something. they have to change the demographic realities that they're facing or else they are going to be like the wiig party like glenn beck put it and be irrelevant. they have defined themselves for so long in what they're opposition to. but they don't know what they're for anymore. their first instinct is oppose the president, oppose whatever the democrats are saying. they kngt do anything on the environment. anything that is cap and trade is off the table. anything that's amnesty is off the table. on tax reform, anything that raises revenue is off the table
Feb 20, 2013 7:00pm PST
, that is the history of this. >> krystal ball, i wish i could share rush limbaugh's confidence -- >> he is always right, so -- >> of yeah, how this works, i don't really have a counter-theory of how this works out. we've never been here before, so we're just guessing. >> well, and the problem is here for republicans, they don't want to agree to any tax increases in this deal. so they feel like the cuts that are on the table are better than having to agree to tax increases. and the democrats feel like the cuts that are on the table are better than agreeing to different cuts in an equal amount that would just fall more heavily on social programs. so it is hard to see how they get out of this impasse by the particular sequester deadline. >> but ari, do all republicans think that? i mean, if john boehner is out there saying look, this is bad for national defense, these cuts. bad for the economy, he is even willing to say. that seems to me to demand that you do something to avoid them. and if that means closing some loopholes, that would be a reasonable outcome. i just don't see how
Feb 8, 2013 3:00pm EST
in providence, rhode island. >> reporter: hey there, krystal. beautiful winter wonderland behind me. not so beautiful on the roadways. a lot of folks heeded the warnings and gone home or stayed home today which is a very good thing. traffic here in the capital of rhode island pretty light all day long. the governor at 1:00 sent all of the nonemergency state workers home for the weekend, telling them to get with their families and ride this thing out in to the safety of their homes like in new york and massachusetts. up in to maine. the big concern going in to tonight, the winds to see and how that might affect the trees and power lines going down and power going down and asking folks really to hunker down, get the flashlights and batteries ready, not so much the candles because the last thing to see is to see fires coming on the backside of this storm if the power does, in fact, go out. here in rhode island they're expecting anywhere from two to two and a half feet of snow. i had a gentleman here working for the state said he can't remember the last time they had a snow event here i
Feb 25, 2013 3:00pm EST
together. >> i don't think he will be brought back. >> the big winner, one of the them, is billy krystal and should be named -- >> no. >> oscar host for life. again -- >> tina and amy should be named host of everything in life. >> are you 60 years old? for real. >> we tried the young kids two years ago. james franco and anne hathaway. billy krystal stole the show. 6.3 billion people watched it. incredible success. >> do you predict he's brought back? seth mcfar lond? >> i don't know. chris rock wasn't brought back either. it's more than are you good or not. >> the mistake is it was an insider pick. if you're a fan of "the family guy" you know every sitcom and movie and get the references. this is supposed to be a broad appeal show and billy krystal lifetime contract. >> found him mostly funny. >> i like "the family guy." >> you didn't see half the show. >> i like that we're calling "the family guy." >> she wasn't hooked. >> he wasn't good enough to hold my attention. >> see? >> that's right. >> i moved on. facebook fans are weighing in on what surprised them more last night. "argo" or th
Feb 27, 2013 1:00pm PST
. let's get to our panel. richard wolffe is vice president and executive editor of and krystal ball is my colleague and cohost of "the cycle." welcome to you both. krystal, talk for a brief moment about that exchange between keith ellerson and sean hannity. i've heard it called epic, astonishing. what words would you use to describe it? >> it's all of those. and department of obvious. i don't think anyone serious thinks of him as a serious journalist. he does just spout talking points. and his line is the exact same line as the republicans which is the sequester, oh, it's not all that bad. the president is making it out to be this big deal. it's really not. and on the other hand saying it's all the president's fault and this is awful because obama did this to us. so it doesn't make any sense. god bless keith ellison for pointing out the absurdity. >> can we not stay with sean hannity? >> did you enjoy it? >> i did. so pitiful. but that look on his face when he has no comeback. keith ellison states the obvious to him. he has no self-awareness that he is a parody of a journalist.
Feb 28, 2013 3:00pm PST
party today. >> and you always had to push, krystal, let's not forget if it wasn't for the abolitionists and frederick douglas and others who became republican, lincoln and others would not go. but they did go. they did respond. but now you don't even have the divided party. it seems like they're being bullied. intimidated. chris christie, probably the most popular republican in the country, who is very conservative and i disagree with on many things, he's being blacklisted from the big conservative party of the year, cpac. he wasn't invited to speak because he wasn't conservative enough. with all the conservative things he's done in new jersey. listen to his response. >> i didn't know that i hadn't been invited to cpac until two days ago when i saw it in the news. yeah, listen. i wish them all the best. they get to decide who they want to come and not come. it's not like i'm lacking invitations. i can't sweat the small stuff. i've got a state to rebuild. >> and, again, christie is very conservative and done some things that i think are absolutely wrong. he's too progressive? or liberal
Feb 13, 2013 10:00pm PST
and fix it. >> krystal, the president gives an hour-long speech, and what we realized is, it could have been shorter. taken out the rhetoric and just have all the programs mentioned. but really, not a single republican response that actually takes on what he said. not even marco rubio's. >> that is exactly right, and of course, marco rubio's response was written long before the speech was ever given. it was not really a response. but they're still married to attacking a straw man. they're not actually wanting to engage on the policy substance, because the substance on it, the policies, everything he advocated for which has been called liberal and aggressive, all of those things, is also very popular. are you going to be the one who says we don't support paycheck fairness or pre school for children? it is not the place where they want to be, so instead they have to say president obama just wants big government. he doesn't think that the pirate sector can do anything good. he is a socialist, mao and castro, as well. >> howard dean, what would you have advised the republicans to try t
Feb 15, 2013 7:00am EST
as they came off the ship. some of them krystal brown there were so happy to be home. absolute frustration with carnival cruise line. they are offering the passengers reimbursement, a free cruise, and $500. many of the passengers say that is simply not enough, considering all they went throughout. >> have the owners got any explanation as to not just by the fire broke out and why the engines were disabled about why it became such a total crisis on board? >> they have not. we are still waiting for that explanation. the one thing the passengers have wanted to point out is how wonderful the crewmembers were about all this. that the crew members kept smiles on their faces and did all they could to make a miserable situation somewhat aberrant. >> i know that cruising is very popular in north america. any indication that this might make people who are it are i to think twice about their forthcoming holidays? >> they may. that may be the case for the 3000 passengers on this ship. although they're getting a free cruise, many of them say they don't plan on cruising again anytime soon. >
Feb 8, 2013 7:00pm PST
people are having fun so let's check this out. this is called the krystal bar and you can see the outside looks exactly like an igloo. everything is made out of ice. so let's take a look inside, as well. everything from the walls, check this out, the walls are just rock solid. it is made completely out of ice. to the tables come on down over here. look how translucent it's become. it's just like shaved ice. and also if you look up to the ceiling, you'll hear some electronic music as well as some computerized artwork, on the ceilings of this ice shell, which kind of gives it a club-like feel. but also at the same time, you can also get a little cozy. if you come up here, these benches are cold but, look, there's some deer hide right up here so you can stay cozy and have a nice, relaxing time. over here at the bar, let's talk to some people over here today. excuse me. hi, guys. how are you? great, where did could from? >> taiwan. >> reporter: great. how is ice village so far? >> amazing. >> reporter: great, what about you? >> it's very shock for me. because we are living in taiwan.
Feb 12, 2013 1:00am EST
. >> well, krystal, i'll check that off. that signals that. that is not going to be in any package. >> yeah, that had kind of been floated and progressives were very upset about it. and again, i think the president has navigated the waters so well that the only thing that he has left on the table is the idea of chained cpi, which would be a cut to benefits in social security. it is the one really concrete benefit cut that he has put out there on entitlements and he is willing to leave it out there as the sort of one thing that maybe republicans could get if they're willing to play ball with tax revenues. >> all right, we'll have to leave it there. krystal ball and steve kornacki, thank you for joining us. coming up, now it takes two, two, to respond to president obama's state-of-the-union address. but really, what can rand paul say that will be so different from what marco rubio would say? richard wolff will join me on that, and karen finney will join us, and later, the oscar nominated actor of "silver linings playbook" and in the rewrite, what does george clooney have in common wi
Feb 1, 2013 3:00pm EST
think the more important question, krystal, who's the hotter harbau harbaugh? >> obviously. >> people are wanting to know, that right? that's why they're tuning in to "the cycle" to see that meted out. >> adjudicate that right now. >> you can put that question away right now. i'm going to pick -- >> we can make a definitive judgment on this right here and now? >> science. science. >> bam. science? got it. >> i'm going with jim who's the 49ers coach and the younger harbaugh. >> taller. >> yeah. sharper features which i like. >> yeah. >> you said that john looked kinder. i agree. that's a turnoff to me. i think jim -- jim looks a little meaner which i like. and i'll say got the coaching debut western kentucky, hilltoppers, awesome. a woody hayes trophy. big ten player of the year. and just all around good guy. >> that is preposterous. >> erroneous. >> absurd things i have heard come out of your mouth. obviously, john is the superior and more attractive brother. number one, last time the brothers met he was victorious. >> thanksgiving, right. >> already beating you 1-0. played
Feb 14, 2013 12:00pm PST
you very much. >> thanks for having me on. >>> krystal responds to the president's call to raise the minimum wage. >> let's declare in the wealthiest nation on earth not one who works full time should have to live in poverty and raise the federal minimum wage to $9 an hour. we should be able to get that done. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuously releases calcium plus d with efficient absorption in one daily dose. citracal slow release. with efficient absorption in one daily dose. all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the m
Feb 15, 2013 12:00pm PST
deal. >> krystal, can i talk to you about the other news out of chicago? >> of course. >> that rahm emanuel may run for president. >> yes, i heard that. >> now, remind me, are you a fan of rahm emanuel or not a fan? >> i really like rahm emanuel. >> i know you do. >> i really like rahm emanuel. >> this is really putting you in a tough spot. >> hillary has my head though. >> she doesn't have your heart? >> of what does biden have? your funny bone. >> it's an embarrassment of riches on the democratic side. if all three of them were to get it, which i don't think would happen. for rahm it's a little bit of a different calculus because i think there would be something to him running and building more of a national profile even if he didn't ultimately win the primary. biden i think stays out if hillary gets in. >> do i have to buy another onesie. >> s.e., that made the best present ever which was a onesie with hillary clinton's face on it and a onesie with joe biden's face on it so that my baby doesn't have to choose. >> i need to get another one. >> people talk about criminals not wanti
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 65 (some duplicates have been removed)